Wednesday, 17 August 2016

olympics day

Today it was olympics day! I liked it because  ribbon dancing it was a lot of fun and I also liked the horse riding. I didn't like the High jump, goal shouting in soccer, hand ball, rugby sevens relay egg and spoon race and more as much as the rest. Helping the little buddys was fun. The things that they could change were they could add with the rugby is they could put in five teams instead of two. The other things were sponge race, shot put, ultimit paper, scissors, rock.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

My holidays

In the holidays I had a great time we did 5 thing and a bit more.So on monday week one of the holiday we went to see the BFG on tuesday we went to inflateble world. On Monday in week two of holidays we went to mount Bruce and on Friday we went to the lido those activities were fun. 
We went to the down town cinemas and watched finding dory. But I liked the BFG better because the BFG is a action packed exciting movie. We did a few more things. My Dad said we might go see gost busters!

Monday, 2 May 2016

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Camp week

On Monday we went to bledislo park for a walk and played at kids republic it was amazing. It was amazing because we paddled in the water at bledisloe park and we went rock climbing. Back to talking about bledseslo park we made a dam. Most things went well .Here I am rock climbing.

On Tuesday it was constuction day we did a hight challenge,weight challenge,ozo bots,Lego and the a mageins.It used a lot of persistence, couparation, working together, patience and shearing. It was hard doing the a magins because my group was doing three difrent things. I made a car it's door opens and closes.

On Wednesday it was art day we had three rotations my group stared off in the library we made trees,mountains and leaves. We put them on the Muriel next we went of to Brenda we made a little picture into a big coulered in picture. Last we had photos of us we cut them out we were small in the picture. Then we glued flowers and leaves to us and it was a little costume.  It was real fun and my felling was happy what I felt is the smoth petals at are last rotation we were caring heaps.

On Thursday it was water day my favorite thing we did is doing

Camp week personal goals

Monday - walk/clib
Tuesday - constuction
Wednesday - art 
Thursday - water
Friday- camp 

Keep safe : on Friday keep my face away from the fire. 

Social: if I am upset take a deep breath and calm down.